Wondering what are some of the Best cryptocurrencies for trading in 2020? If your answer is yes, then I am here to help you.

There is no doubt that Cryptocurrencies have changed the business by adding another asset that individuals can invest in. And the numbers of investors are growing each day. However, if you are a new investor and wondering what cryptocurrencies would be best for trading in 2020. Then, let me just mention the top coins that you should look for in 2020.

So here we go:

Best cryptocurrencies for trading in 2020

1. Bitcoin

First of all, I have the Bitcoin, and it is one of the most promising cryptocurrencies available out there. And there is no cryptocurrency list would be complete without Bitcoin. From the beginning, Bitcoin has seen major ups and downs. But the coin is still growing, and in 2019 the coin has a market capitalization of $ 132.70 B. And according to experts, the numbers are going to grow further in 2020. So if you are looking ahead to make a long term investment, you should look for Bitcoin.

2. Ethereum


Next, there is the Ethereum. It is the second most popular cryptocurrency available out there. And it is based on a popular dApp processing platform. According to the live price tracker, the coin currently costs about 147.49 USD. And the experts believe that the numbers are going to go further. Even some experts suggest that sooner or later, Ethereum will surpass Bitcoin’s price. You can even buy ethereuem future contracts from various exchanges.  

3.   Litecoin

Up next, there is the Litecoin. This one is way cheaper than Bitcoin or etherum. But it does not reflect the market potential of Bitcoin or etherum. And this is the reason why some experts belives that investing in Litecoin could be a huge opportunity for all of you. First of all, the coin is pretty cheap, so you do not have to take a huge risk. Also, it has the potential to become a global transaction network.

4.   Ripple

Next, there is the Ripple. This one has a high potential of dominating the market. The coin is pretty cheap as of now. But it could go up in the upcoming year. The goal of Ripple is to become the official solution for banking infrastructure. And Ripple gets succeed to it. The price would go way high. Even the best part is that Ripple is working with a lot of banks in the current scenario.

5.   NEO

Finally, there is the NEO. This coin is also pretty cheap, and it has the potential of growing in 2020. The coin has a great infrastructure. And this is the reason why the Chinese government is also thinking about joining the NEO game. And if that happens, NEO’s price will jump off.

Final Words:

So those were some of the Best cryptocurrencies for trading in 2020. So go ahead and check them out and see which cryptocurrency would be best for you to make an investment.

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